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Hi, it's Brilliant Liu here.

As someone who grew up in a negative environment, who started to build everything from ground up, I got it. It’s not as simple as most people make it look like on social media. It’s not that easy. And it sucks most of the time. But what if I tell you that I have found the secret recipe that can help you climb that jungle gym of life?

In INSPIRE, my mission is to help people find their positive circle and be a better version of themselves through better habits and mindset growth.

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✅ We know how hard it can be to find a like-minded circle who see your potential and support your goals.

✅ We know how challenging it can be to keep ourselves motivated when there’s no one to keep us accountable.

✅ We know that building good habits and breaking bad ones are not as easy as it seems.

And most of all, we know how it feels like to know deep down that you haven’t lived to your full potential, yet not know the exact ways to make it happen.

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