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Why Our Mindset Matters

Our mind is a very powerful thing. We become what we think and we shape who we are and who we will be by what we feed our mind every day. Do we watch positive stuff? Do we feed them with positive information? Or do we binge-watch TV series 24/7/365 and read gossip magazines every day? Much like our body, if we feed our mind with junk, it will end up being unhealthy and it will be easier for us to fall sick.

Mindset is everything. It is one of the biggest factors that make two people with the same background and privileges different. If we think we’re capable then it makes all the difference compared to someone who believes that they’re meant to live life the way it is.

Ultimately, there are two types of basic mindset for us all: Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset. You can view Growth Mindset as our brain with a pot of plant that can continue to grow, whereas a fixed mindset is like a locked metal box.

People with a growth mindset believe that change is inevitable and see success as a journey that takes effort and time. Those with a fixed mindset, however, see the effort as fruitless does not like challenges. Growth mindset sees intelligence as something that can be developed and fixed mindset sees it as something static.

Choose to be someone who believes that things can be better, see life as something exciting that can improve along with us. In my company, Executive Media, we encourage the team to feed their mind with positivity. We have a mini library where everyone is encouraged to borrow and read books and on Saturdays, we’d sometimes have a watching session where we watch things like ‘Shark Tank’, ‘The Profit’ and creative Youtube videos together.

Afterward, we’ll have a discussion which then leads to a deeper understanding of each other’s perspective.

Believe and you shall receive. By no means, I’m saying that only by changing our thoughts we can guarantee success. Belief without actions means nothing as well. So always, always choose to believe in yourself. Challenge the negativity and let positivity roam louder. Put in the effort to improve yourself and always aim to leave a wonderful legacy into this world.

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