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Don't Take Advice From the Wrong People

Often times, we find ourselves turning to our closest friends and family for advice. We’d ask them what they think about our writing, we’d ask them about what we should wear to that job interview, we’d ask them almost everything. As great as it is to have people close to us who we can talk to when we need advice, we have to properly consider before we do just whatever their advice is.

Think about it, would you ask an overweight lady in a supermarket about how to lose weight healthily? Would you ask for relationship advice from someone who’s never even been in a relationship before?

I suppose no, right? So why would you listen to you friends or relatives who do not really have the results that you’re looking for? You have to be more selective. It’s alright to simply listen when people are sharing their thoughts. But before you take actions from the advice, you have to think it through.

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