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Do the Innerwork
and Watch Your

Life + Business Thrive

With our live-coaching, actionable tools, and supportive community to help you reach your potential as a human being and drive your business growth to new heights.

Hands up if you feel stuck in your life and business/career? 🙋

Even after doing all the work, reading all the books you can to grow your skills, and joining all the online or offline classes you can afford; you're still not where you wanna be. In fact, you don't even feel the motivation to do anything with full efforts anymore because it all feels just like wasted efforts.

I get you 👋

Because I was in that position too not long ago. My financial was not  in a good condition because I invested lots of my money into courses and seminars; but nothing seemed to be improving the condition of my business. I knew that what I'd learnt in those courses and seminars were valuable knowledge. But even after binging all the lessons, it didn't seem to be moving the needle for me.

And as my financial condition deteriorated, my mental and physical condition followed suit too because I was feeling really stressed.

Hi, I'm Brilliant
(Yes, Brilliant is my real name btw)

In case you're wondering who I am and why am I telling you my story, I'm the founder of House of Leaders.


I started House of Leaders in May 2015 because I needed a space to share my journey as a young leader, never expecting that it'd accumulate such a big audience base. Fast forward years later, after realizing the impact we could actually make in people's lives, we decided to turn House of Leaders into a personal development brand.

Brilliant Liu

Now back to my previous story...

I was in such a low state personally and professionally, that I just felt completely paralyzed. I had no idea what else I should do. So I did nothing. I let myself take a moment. After years of building brands and growing businesses, I realized I'd finally hit a plateau. And that plateau had been going on for too long that I had to do something about it. But I had no idea what that 'something' is.

And then it hit me. All those years of focusing on my businesses and improving my professional skills, I'd forgotten about my personal growth. I'd stopped meditating, I'd stopped journaling and I'd stopped doing my morning habits like I used to. My internal life was in such a mess and my work on personal growth was stuck too.

"How on earth will my external world flourish if this keeps going like this?"

So I flipped the switch in me.

Even though it wasn't easy to be thinking of morning habits or meditating or anything personal-growth related when you're in such a mess financially, mentally and physically; I decided that something needed to change.

I've learnt the hard way that:

"When we neglect our inner work, our external growth stops too. And it will be reflected in our business or career or even our relationship with the rest of the world."

Things began to change when I made time again for my personal growth.

But of course it wasn't an overnight transformation. It took me months

before I began to even see any changes. And the first few weeks were so

hard because of all these negative thoughts like 'This is not gonna change anything', 'Your business is still stuck why are you here journaling? You should be in front of your laptop working.' and so on. But I kept pushing through

and with the support of my circle to keep me accountable, it was possible.

Here's How We Can Do that For You Too in
House of Leaders Community?

Weekly inner-work live-coaching with Brilliant and other HOL mentors


Tools and resources to help you grow in life + business


Community to get you inspired, motivated and keep you accountable

House of Leaders is known as a motivational page on Instagram and Youtube. But I've experienced it first hand that only motivation isn't gonna bring you anywhere. We need to have discipline, commitment and grit to be able to push through the hardest time of our lives. And it's easy to feel positive and motivated when things are going great. But what about the times when things are not going so well? How can we beat all those negativity alone?

That's what House of Leaders community is for. I don't want us to just be known as a motivational page, I want us to be that 'circle' where people can find support, accountability partner and also resources that can help them reach their potential as a human being.

So I truly can't wait for you to be a part of HOL Community because I know that like me, you want to be at your best personally and professionally, so that you can build and live life on your own terms.

Join House of Leaders Today!


(Price to increase soon as we add more and more value into the community. Lock in the price today by subscribing before the increase)

  • Build Your Brand Starter Course

  • Architecture of Life Course

  • Weekly coaching call

  • Tools + Resources on personal and business growth

  • Community of like-minded people

  • More to come

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