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How It Started

House of Leaders is an online leadership community started in May 2013 by Brilliant "Liu" Sutrisno. Initially, all Liu wanted to do was just to start an Instagram page where he could share his journey as a newbie leader in the company he was working in.


However, as he started posting more frequently, he started gaining more likes, comments, and shares of his content. People started reaching out to him as well to tell him how much the page meant to them. That inspired him to grow the page even further into a leadership-focused page for people around the world.


In May 2014, House of Leaders reached its first 100k followers.

Road to 1M Followers

Along the way, there were a few times where Liu almost gave up the page. For quite some time, he had to post 36x in a day; waking up every 30 minutes to post manually (Disclaimer: This is highly not recommended now, because it can be pretty spammy). But the hard work paid off when the page finally reached its first 1 million followers.

If there was one advice that he could give people who are creating content online is that 'Keep creating and don't give up! You never know which of your hundreds or even thousands of content is gonna go viral or make a difference in people's lives.'

On Our Way to Becoming Your
go-to Leadership Community

Once House of Leaders touched its 1M base on Instagram, the team has been working to grow it into an interactive community that is more than just an Instagram and Tiktok page.

Our biggest aim is to make House of Leaders a place where people can grow, build and connect with like-minded individuals.

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